Each item is crafted, first, from the conscious thoughts of the Three O' Cups, and given focus and intent by our hearts.

Tarot by Zora

Tarot Card Readings

Tarot readings offered by Zora. If you have an inquiring mind, that beckons answers, or a doubt that haunts your sleep, a reading may just be the ticket to giving you peace.

Zora offers an in-depth reading into questions by using her Tarot cards and giving great insightful readings. 

Magical Tips and Tricks

secrets that are safe enough to share

What is magic, but a conscious thought that provokes your mind to wander and get lost in the unimaginable? We offer tips and tricks that have survived the test of time. Some are handed down from within our birth families. Other's are learned from our Soul Familia.


good food from
good friends

What's in a meal? A recipe sprinkled with a little bit of this and just a bit more of that. Adding a dash of bliss, and a whole lot of adventure. Here we share our recipe for living a good life; by enjoying good food with good friends. And you know what they say? 
Giving is better than receiving. So, we give a recipe for you to share with friends and family, your cats and dogs, or enjoy them while you stare lovingly at your growing collection of plant babies.

Welcome to our home

Learn more about what we do, why we do it, and why we love what we do.

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